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CPAPfit Pillow

CPAPfit Pillow


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Designed by a CPAP patient and proven and improved on the cpaptalk forum, the Pur-Sleep CPAP pillow uses an innovative, modified buckwheat hull design with a three-layer quilted pillow shell. 

Buckwheat hulls are shapeable, naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, become polished with use, and stay cool and dry.  They allow you to create a nook for your bulky CPAP mask.

Three-layer, quilted cotton cover filled with triple-cleaned, natural, buckwheat hulls, blended with foam for added comfort

- Gusset design plus shapeable fill conforms to any shape and holds that shape all night long

- With a large zipper opening, it's fully adjustable to suit ANY sleeping position-side, back, or stomach

- Extra filling provided so your pillow will never go flat.

- Extra shredded foam available for comfort adjustment

- Fill does not push back against your head, so there are no pressure points and no sore neck

Fits Any Standard Pillow Case

Machine Washable

10 Year Warranty