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CPAP VaporClear

CPAP VaporClear


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Frustrated with CPAP nasal congestion? CPAP Vapor-Clear™ from Pur-Sleep™ can help.

The all-natural and pure essential oils in CPAP Vapor-Clear™ relieve and comfort your nasal congestion and cold symptoms. The Pur-Sleep diffuser lightly scents the air as it’s being drawn into your CPAP. Clear™ and Calm™ have been specially formulated to provide maximum comfort and relief.

The all-natural menthol and lime essential oils in Clear™ provide instant and soothing relaxation. Calm™ releases a blend of pure Australian eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender: pure, soothing, natural comfort when you need it most. Pleasant aromatics also make spaces feel larger, providing relief when you have nasal congestion. CPAP Vapor-Clear from Pur-Sleep™ will help you calm down, relax, and get exactly what you need most—real sleep. Enjoy the benefits of effective CPAP therapy with Pur-Sleep™