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PAP-Cap Chinstrap

PAP-Cap Chinstrap


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The best solution for "mouth breathing" is the most simple approach: A comfortable chinstrap that simultaneously closes the jaw and seals the lips by pressing the bottom lip upward about one centimeter. However, a relatively large amount of tension delivered to the bottom of the chin is required to accomplish this. The all-new, 100% cotton PAPCap™ does just that, mounting a totally new kind of chinstrap on a round cap that works with the natural round shape of the head in evenly distributing tension over the entire surface area of the head, without pressure points or discomfort. The most important innovation in this product is the use of a very stiff yet light cotton material. Stiffness is necessary in order to achieve the appropriate levels of tension in a comfortable way.

Small-Medium (SM) size works best for heads under 23.5 inches headband diameter. LXL for 23.5 inches and over.  The SM size fits most people. If your head is well above average, we recommend the LXL size.