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CozyHoze Boss

CozyHoze Boss


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With thousands sold, our CozyHoze Boss™ is the best CPAP hose management solution on the market. Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, it mounts to the wall using 3M® Command Adhesive® strips that are guaranteed not to damage surfaces and are removed with a simple tug on the tab. Or they can be used for permanent mounting. Ships with one package of 12 tabs.

The product consists of a wall mounting hook and two spring loaded, self-retracting reels with just enough tension to keep the hose up out of your way while at the same time providing low-friction full range of motion for every sleeping position.

Traveling is a breeze. Just remove the hook from the wall and leave the reels attached to the hose. Simply re-attach the hook base on the wall or headboard at the new location.